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  • Excellent write up Ian.  Fantastic achievement to knock such a huge chunk off previous times – and must be really satisfying to think how the changes you made – shedding surplus poundage and going for systematic HR training – have contributed.  Shame about the nasty downhill niggle – I suppose on big ultra of that kind it would be unusual for t…[Read more]

  • Vangelis replied to the topic Ian's #3 on CW Ultra in the forum ultra 6 hours, 13 minutes ago

    Sh*t!!!! WHAT HAVE I LOST HERE?!? Woooooooow, Ian! An amazing race and result! A fantastic, epic achievement (even though I can perfectly understand you about the little bitter taste overall, but there’s nothing better you could have done about the knee…), what a marvellous PB smash (what “smash”… you exterminated the old one really…) and…[Read more]

    • Run date: 15 September, 2019
    • Run time: 2:35:11
    • Distance: 15.04 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      Back from Sweden and at least catching up with running with Sunday’s LSR: 15 miles. Felt much better than last weekend probably thanks to the temperature being a bit cooler (got the impression garmin puts the temperature estimated at the beginning of the run not throughout… anyway…) and perhaps also as the feet had had an easy week. All OK and…[Read more]

    • Great to have you back, V. Hope the conference went well. Really hope that Sarah is well on the road to recovery now – binning that race seems like the only sensible thing to do in the circumstances. A fine outing today – I bet a slight easing in the temperature was very welcome 🙂

  • Lizzy replied to the topic Ian's #3 on CW Ultra in the forum ultra 6 hours, 54 minutes ago

    Gosh Ian what a write up, you always do a yet this one i could feel the enjoyment of the race tbroughout it.  The time clocking up at each CP must have been giving you a bit of a boast and did well getting out of them swiftly.  3 hours 21 minutes is a massive time difference Ian.

    Sorry the knee gave you some trouble but im so glad you didn’t g…[Read more]

  • Huge huge congratulations Ian what a great result and write up. With the training you put in and doing something about the lightbulb moment you had last year it was always possible for you to get that sub 18 but to crack it in just over 16 and a half hrs and in 11th place is a well earned time/placing. I know you are not completely satisfied but…[Read more]

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