Challenge yourself to the Three-song workout

Challenge yourself to the Three-song workout
Bored of the same old gym session and need something to jazz up your cross-training day other than swapping the colour of the kettlebell?

Take on one or even better, take on all three of these three-song workout challenges.
Not only will they challenge you to your max and make you feel the burn but they will also put a satisfying smile on your face.


For the burpee lover – challenge one.
Song – Thunderstruck – AC/DC
Turn up the tunes, make sure you have plenty of room and be prepared to get a sweat on.
Every time you hear the word Thunderstruck you need to do a burpee – and I mean a real burpee, high jump, and proper push-ups if your feeling really fit you can add a star jump into the mix too.

For the sit-up lover – challenge 2
Song – I love the way you lie – Eminem & Rhianna
This challenge will only take 4 minutes and 23 seconds of your valuable time, no time at all for a rock-solid core and all you have to do is every time Eminem raps you have to constantly do crunches or full sit-ups, every time you hear Rhianna sing freeze you need to freeze and hold that stomach nice and tight in the full sit up, up position.


For the squat AND push up lover
Song – Flower – Moby
Yep, you guessed it, this is the sally up challenge, a personal favorite of mine both the squats and push-ups.
All you have to do is when you hear Sally down, you go down and up when you hear sally up.
If doing squats, keep the core engaged and the down squat strong and keep it low, for the push-ups TRY and not flop to the ground – the only thing allowed to touch the ground is your hands and feet throughout the song. If you’re starting out with sit-ups and building up the strength you can use your knees.

They all sound pretty easy eh? Well, you will never know until you give one a go.

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  1. this is a great motivation and new kind of workout to challenge yourself. I loved this challenge. I accepted so many challenges in the GYM and now will accept this challenge .

    I just booked my ZUMBA Sessions from will do this tomorrow.