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  • I saw this earlier you were flying around that track – great session Karl

  • Good hill session well done

  • That’s a lovely looking long run Emma – ouchy to the chafing though. Busy few weeks for you.

  • Have a great run Sharon, your looking in great shape for it. Will be thinking of you and willing you on when times are tough. Take care, shall look forward to seeing you on the other side x

  • Good to see training is going well Ruth, very nicely structured as always

  • Amanda Morris posted a new activity comment 3 days, 1 hour ago

    That’s a great confidence builder Richard and a very good 20. Wildlife spotting must make it more pleasant to get the miles in – well done looking very good 🙂

  • Nce to get out Dee after being cooped up in the car for a few day’s – well done

  • Amanda Morris posted a new activity comment 3 days, 1 hour ago

    Nice double day there Chris – was very good weather for ducks yesterday 🙊

  • You must have been out of your mind with worry Lizzy, migraines can be so disabling and very painful – you did well to get this in. Hope you have managed some rest now x

    • Run date: 15 August, 2019
    • Run time: 4.42.25
    • Distance: 20 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      S30 W16/R3 20mi lsr

      No Gran duty today so thought I would get the long run in ahead of weekend. Set the alarm for 5.30 am but woke with a banging headache so took some paracetamol and went back to bed. Head felt okay when I woke up again so set off mid morning.
      Plan was to do laps and return to the car for fuelling. By the time I went out it…[Read more]

    • Oh Amanda, I know exactly what you mean about needing extra training time when your pace is slower! Doesn’t seem fair, does it?
      But that was a great run, def one you can draw strength from your memory when the going gets tough x

    • That run shows massive character and determination, Amanda. With a bad headache – and doing laps based round the car – it would have been incredibly easy to bail out. At least the hammy was reasonably well behaved. Very well done, and hopefully a couple of short runs followed by taper will be enjoyable for a while.

    • Lizzy replied 3 days ago

      Well that showed how commited you are to your plan Amanda. The weather testing you but headache along with the eye wash stops, you should be proud of this run.

      Your not slow Amanda, the zone training is what your training to and your getting results.

      Enjoy the shorter runs before tapering and son? got a run with him too coming up? thats got to…[Read more]

    • Go to any ultra advice posts anywhere and Slow is the way to go. Slow and time on feet is king on ultras. My HR paces are pretty good at present but that pace goes out the window for ultras. So dont panic about the slow.
      Fair play to you getting this done, the its definitely a make you run, many would of given up. But you marched on despite the…[Read more]

    • You must be made of stern stuff Amanda, lots of people would have given up or not even set off in the first place with a headache first thing in the morning! Glad it eased off enough for you to tackle this run. The lens issue sounds tricky but you seem to have it sussed. There must be an enormous sense of satisfaction to get this kind of distance…[Read more]

    • Its really easy to forget thst 20 miles is a very long way on 2 feet and taking all the “hurdles” into consideration that is a pretty fantastic outing 💪💪 Definitely one to be pleased with Amanda 👍👍👍👍

    • 👏👏👏👏 bloody well done you!! Not feeling the best and plenty of reasons to call it a day and yet you still got it done!! I’m with Ian – all of the time on feet is going to pay off in spades come the day – and pace is all relative – one thing I do know is on the longer off road events being a diesel engine is far more effective than a zooped up…[Read more]

    • Well done in persevering though this! Great mileage, enjoy your shorter runs and taper week! Well done

    • That sounds like a real tough run Amanda but you did fantastically well sticking with it when you could have binned it off. The long runs really do eat into your time, when I have one on the plan I think basically it’s a 1/4 of my weekend gone for the amount of time it takes me. Time on feet is going to be key though for your ultra and a good…[Read more]

    • Well done you, great stuff Amanda.

    • First of all, you are NOT a slow runner, some people are quicker than you, others not as fast, but you are lapping everyone sitting on the couch PLUS you have a game plan, the HR training. Keep focussed on yourself, no one else πŸ™‚
      But, that is one brilliant long run Amanda, you ran having had a headache, and I did wonder whether it would return…[Read more]

    • I wouldn’t say that’s slow … and even so there are books that will tell you slower is harder as its more time out there on your feet. Looks like a fab 20 miler to me, and 20 miles is huge. Well done Amanda

    • There was a lot to contend with on this one Amanda. Huge well done on banging out 20M despite all the challenges – that takes a lot of mental strength, which will stand you in good stead. It’s easy to question yourself and your training plan, but hold the faith. You are doing a great job πŸ™‚

    • Hey don’t say that your fed up being a slow runner, there aren’t many people that could spit out a 20 mile run Amanda. To be exercising for nearly 5 hours and not calling it a day takes strength both physical and mental. Another excellent outing, well done; you keep going on what works for you

  • Ticking over nicely there – pleased to hear the water levels are nearly back to normal

  • Worked hard on that one Ian hot some speedy paces in there – how’s the knee?

  • Got a good 10k in there – very worrying time for you and your family, hope the situation improves for you all

    • Run date: 14 August, 2019
    • Run time: 1.18.03
    • Distance: 6.23 miles
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      S30 W16/R2 6mi

      Same route as Monday – 1mi wu z1 – 4mi z2 – 1mi z3 – was prepared to stay in 1 or 2 if hammy grumbled but it didn’t – park was empty at 6am this morning and the rain held off. Happy with this one.

  • Amanda Morris commented on the run 5 days ago

    This sounds like a good session Richard ground is rather squishy at the moment nice on the legs though – hooray the blister is healing nicely

  • Amanda Morris commented on the run 5 days ago

    Great session MC I loved the track on the few visits I made beginning of this year would go every week if it was closer – well done

  • Amanda Morris commented on the run 5 days ago

    Oh Sharon I really hope the sock does the job this must be so frustrating for you – keeping everything crossed that this sorts itself out soon

  • Amanda Morris commented on the run 5 days ago

    That all sounds rather pleasant Emma – lovely bimble there

  • Amanda Morris posted a new activity comment 5 days ago

    Can just picture you stamping your feet when the wrist was slapped lol – you’ll get there – did very well with this one 👍

  • Amanda Morris commented on the run 5 days ago

    Nice to get a change of route in every now and again – nice recovery session for you all

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