• Luckily I am the boss MC 😉

  • Wow, you sure your a human! Looking in fine shape Sharnie

  • LOL, Love this one Nathalie

  • Done well to get this one done PC take care though

  • So it wasn’t the faffing that done it really was it! Super nearly eight today Sharon

  • Think I’d have bagged a load more if they did MC! All miles count so don’t be to hard on yourself and onto the next one

  • Yup the seafront can be pissey, I keep clear of Brighton can’t stand the place LOL I run along Seaford seafront which as you’ve probably gathered can be as bad as Brighton at times, nice w/d and like Vicky said should have taken a dip ;0

  • Superb result here Richard considering the conditions and no wonder the tank was empty

  • Really Jilly Eurovision! Yar to the vino though;)) made a solid 5k still even with all the fumes including vino ones

  • No idea Jilly but nice w/u

  • Great to see you back Jo and a nice outing here

  • Yer I’ll just shove a marra into the plan, been great to this plan unfold, must be in a good place if a sub four was there for the taking but showed great restraint for the bigger picture, more Yibeda Yibeda here Sharnie

  • Nah, love reading your posts Steve, seems your a running miracle! Long may it continue, hope you can get some positives on your ailments to help you along, all the best for Liverpool and can’t wait for the write up

  • Sounded tough Rob but a fine HM

  • Yup the roads tend to get the heart rate up 😉 nice miles here and hope you feel ok today

    • Run date: 20 May, 2019
    • Run time: 46.34
    • Distance: 5.01 miles
    • Terrain: Off-road
    • Comments:

      Off road out n back, all uphill on the way out so found this quite tough but enjoyed the way back, usually have Monday as a rest day but having got a flyer from work and not feeling to tired decided to give it a go so a bit of Bill’s (where has he gone?) smugness going on!!

  • A great family affair today Vicky, huge congrats to your son who totally smashed that PB, might have to look over your shoulder soon enough ;)) and in my opinion time with the fam is far better than any Marra

  • A well squeezed in one here Sharon and good to see the aches and pains haven’t returned and long may they stay away

  • Yup totally agree Vicky, if there was no TV on the dreddie I think Mrs D would bo on her own! Nice easy here

  • Made a great time for this ‘easy’ one Rob, well done

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