• Well done Lizzy must have been hard but they need doing and things will ease

  • Rain? Need some of that down here, super enjoyable one here Sharnie

  • Excellent double Chris

  • All looking tickerdy Jilly the big question is will you be able to keep to the slow paced plan being a speed merchant ;))

  • Great to see you out there Vicky, got everything crossed for you, take it easy

  • Ooh hope don’t visit there too often MC! Nice wombling today

  • Yup not a good mix large dogs and HR! Another good easy today Sharon and hope the physio went well

    • Run date: 17 July, 2019
    • Run time: 52.48
    • Distance: 5.42 miles
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      Early easy morning miles, gorg out, took it easy as maybe got glute issue on the way which coincided with getting out on the bike again after a long while off it, last time I had a glute issue was the last time on the bike 🙁
      I’m hoping it’s just aching? Doris has gone in for service as she is slipping gears and something is constantly tic…[Read more]

    • Fab early one Dave nothing beats that smug “Ive already done it ” feeling 😄 boo to the misbehaving glute I do know the glute medius is not a big fan of the bike riding position tho but hope its coincidence. 👍

    • Sounds like the bike position may need a little work, could be you need to play with your handlebar/seat position? Its taken me ages to find a position that doesn’t cripple some part of me 🙂 🙂 Defo sounds like a service is in order (bike not you 😉 ) great early outing and hope the glutes ease off for you. 🙂

    • Hope the glutes dont tuen into anything dave, i second Sharnie with giving the bike a little wiggle here and there 🙂

    • Great early miles Dave, must have been lovely out at that time – hope you get the bike sorted and it is that causing the glute issue 🙂

    • A nice early morning run! Hope the glute issues ease off!

    • Well done Dave, hope all is okay

    • Oh dont want butt issues Dave, good to hear Doris is bavk out and visiting the bike doctor. Like you got the beautiful hot morning, then the rain arrived which was lovely but better if it came when running 😄

    • Having just taken up cycling, if I could I would replace my saddle with a nice cushion!
      Hope the glute eases off. I always thought cycling was an injury free activity, but it’s hard work.
      Anyway Dave, lovely oaced easy miles. Looks very neat.
      And hope Doris is ok too, perhaps she’s in shock as well at getting back out there again 😉

    • Good fiver + Dave. Hope the new bike saddle sorts out the butt aches!

    • Well done Dave.
      Sounds like you need an armchair on the bike! 😉

  • Davefromsussex commented on the run 1 week ago

    Yup no need to go silly, hope all goes well at the physio’s

  • Davefromsussex commented on the run 1 week ago

    Nice start Jilly and all the best for the plan, is this one shorter than two years LOL ;)))

  • Davefromsussex commented on the run 1 week ago

    Nice shakeout and social here MC and recovering well by the looks of

  • Davefromsussex commented on the run 1 week ago

    Another great sesh here Richard

  • Davefromsussex commented on the run 1 week ago

    Superbly done especially with the build up Jilly and Yibeda Yibeda to the age cat success

  • Davefromsussex commented on the run 1 week ago

    Yup sensible to drop the mileage back until the physio visit which I hope goes well for you Sharon

  • Excellent result all round here Sharnie, well done

  • Wow Jo, stunning result with the finishing positions both fully deserved with all that hard work you’ve put in and also a great write up

  • Yibeda Yibeda MC super well done on the cat win and sounded a tough course

  • Congrats Lizzy on an awesome outing

  • Another great write up Sharnie, such a shame about the bike failure but must take great confidence from an awesome swim and can take this forward for next time when ever this will be

  • Excellent prog parkie here Sharon and hope those long one is going well

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