Dawn Jordan


  • It’s a proper balancing act when you have to be somewhere else. Looks like a successful one anyway Sharnie

  • Lots of halfs and you do a great job with them all done. Nice rr here

  • Nice run and happy birthday for tomorrow

  • I’m with Jilly on this one although I was awake at 6 this morning for once. Nice early miles

  • Have you been trading routes descriptions with Rob K? Good job

  • Good miles and glad you’re back!

  • Nice miles

  • That sounds great and skipping is probably good for you too. Well done

  • Still a good job. I have to venture out later as not been since Sat.

  • Do they give out cards in running? Cracking job Barry

  • Good job well done. Enjoy the holiday

  • Great run in last night’s heat. Good luck with what you decide tonight.

  • Well done to both of you.

  • Cramp is nasty. You had a good run there too especially after the busy morning too.

  • Sounds like a tough plan. Well done on this one

  • Well done, hope the knee settles.

  • It’s a wonder your legs worked at all. Deserve a medal!

  • You seem to be recovering well so long may that continue

  • An I retesting bimble by the sounds of things. Well done

  • That’s a good chunk of miles in not very friendly conditions. More ticked off.

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