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  • Good for you

  • Excellent running

  • Good to get some miles done

  • Dorothy Meikle posted a new activity comment 16 hours, 22 minutes ago

    Good for you 👍

  • Nice bimble MC

  • Lovely

  • Excellent session

  • Nicely done

  • Great way to start the day

  • Absolutely fantastic achievemnt.🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

    • Run date: 15 September, 2019
    • Run time: 2:10:23
    • Distance: 11.05 miles
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      LSR, village to Riccos beach. 10.01 run miles(1:52:34) then 1.04(17.49) walk. Big energy slump after 9 miles, felt a bit lightheaded, so plodded on to 10 miles then walked the rest. Did not have much to eat yesterday as was not hungry, so assuming this was the cause. Just need to make sure I fuel properly next week. Otherwise all good, feet…[Read more]

    • Think you hit the nail on the head re the fuelling Dorothy , think if you run on an empty stomach you need to make sure you have a decent evening meal – a few of those rolls would have sorted you out 😁

    • Not hungry? Does not compute with me!! 😂 I’m sure the lack of energy towards the end was due to lack of food yesterday as you say. You made up for it when you finished this one thought, with another delicious sounding breakfast. Well done.

    • Nicely done even with an energy slump. Sounds like lack of food yesterday was th cause, hope you make up for it today. Well done Dorothy 🙂

    • yep need to get the fuelling right, great miles though and what sounds like a lovely breakfast in a nice location

    • Shame it tailed off at the end but hopefully just a one off, and the post run brekkie sounds great

    • Got some good miles in GC 👍

    • Well, my motto is that sometimes it’s not so bad to hit the wall (especially if it’s towards the end of your run 😉 ), otherwise you become overly confident. Well done, post-run endorphines and a yummy breakfast waiting for you -what more to ask?! 🙂

  • I don’t really do much in the way of cross training Steve. I can ride a bike, but not over confident

  • Dorothy Meikle replied to the topic Ian's #3 on CW Ultra in the forum ultra 1 day, 21 hours ago

    Good luck Ian.  Enjoy

  • Ooo. Celeb spotting. Sounds a tough but enjoyable route

  • Sounds like your training is progressing nicely

  • Nice outing

  • All sounding good

  • Sounds like you enjoyed those miles. Eventful

  • All sounding good

  • Nice chatty run ladies

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