Dave aka Handbrake


  • that’s a great run for not pushing hard and good news on been niggle free, all the training is certainly paying off, fab time on not the easiest of routes

  • great pace for the rec run shows how fit you are 🙂

  • always hard doing laps but you did a great jib and it sounds a nice route with plenty of variety well done

  • a good rec run and a perfect reward afterwards 🙂

  • that’s a great mooch and sounds a lovely place to run / explore

  • makes it hard when you have to pass home, still a good run and good news on the niggles 🙂

  • Dam wi fi hope you get sorted soon, good 5 miles in the bag though

  • good miles Martin in what sounds a lovely area

  • well done Michelle that’s a great run and welcome to the parkrun club 🙂

    • Run date: 20 May, 2019
    • Run time: 32.15
    • Distance: 4.14 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      A gentle few loops round the park to keep legs loose for tomorrow nights race. Nice consistent splits with an average HR of 147bpm with only 2bpm variation between miles

  • that’s a massive PB Mark well done superb running

  • a great result on what sounds a very tough course! Well deserved drink afterwards 🙂

  • that’s all that was needed job well done

  • certainly sounds a tough course well done sounds like an amazing thing to have done

  • Hopefully the treatment will leave you pain free sounds very frustrating, a good sensible run and I’m sure you have put in enough miles etc for Liverpool just relax and enjoy it

  • Well done superb support congratulations to him on the PB

  • best type of run well done great miles and pace Jo

  • good to hear Barry

  • awesome sounding place to run certainly putting some great miles and routes in Chris enjoy

  • Great off road running well done

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