Dave aka Handbrake


  • nice doggy bimble 🙂

  • sounds a tough one enjoy the day 🙂

  • yep need to get the fuelling right, great miles though and what sounds like a lovely breakfast in a nice location

  • a great session Andy with nice consistent splits

  • great to see mileage increasing Andy and at a decent pace well done

  • ha ha confessions of a hungover daughter 🙂 Some good miles there on the back of yesterdays parkrun

  • that’s a great triple today Sharon well done

  • doing very well another good run Joy

    • Run date: 15 September, 2019
    • Run time: 78.53
    • Distance: 10.10 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      Solo Sunday as my pal is on holiday, went out early cloudy with a cool breeze, legs a bit heavy after yesterday, calf ok slight niggle but nothing serious. Target was around 10 at around 8m/m pace a tad faster than planned but no clock watching so will settle for it 🙂 1st mile 8.20 then all others within 14secs per mile of each other ranging from…[Read more]

  • it was a great time on a tough course you did great 🙂

  • looks like the injury is well behind you and you are building nicely well done

  • Sounds like a lovely route hope Anya enjoys it as well 🙂

  • sounds fun Jilly and a great recci 🙂

  • enjoy the refuelling well deserved after another great holiday run

  • that’s great longer miles MC well done love the fuelling 🙂 great miles in the bank

  • that’s a cracking last long run Karl, fuelling strategy sounds good, counting worked for Paula Radcliffe so why not try it 🙂 well done enjoy the taper then smash race day 🙂

  • it was a warm morning I’m sure a foam roller session will help well done on the run though

  • certainly an eventful outing Jo a great run though well done HR if it’s a chest strap could be the battery need replacing

  • a great result Richard well done

  • don’t knock it Dee that’s a fantastic run with great progression well done PB is well within your sight I’m sure 🙂

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