• Thank you both for your replies! Yes I guess I’m beating myself up about it too much! Think avoiding the time/pace will help as then I won’t get in a bad mindset! Just need to enjoy it!


  • Long story short my last 3 runs have been awful and I can’t pinpoint why!

    Ive been running 3-3.5 miles twice a week with a longer run (4-6 miles) at weekends when I have more time. Was averaging 10.15 mins a mile up until this week! Slightly slower on the longer runs.

    Last week I didn’t run until Saturday as I was away on holiday. But surely you…[Read more]

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    Just a little update on this one! I kept getting blisters so I decided to treat myself to some new running shoes (Mizuno) and the problem has gone!

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions 🙂

  • Holly replied to the topic Blisters! in the forum I'v got a question 9 months ago

    Thanks for the tips!

    Think im going to have a few days off running to let it heal and try again with a small incline and maybe some different socks (I currently use cotton but always have and never had problems before!)

    If it comes back I may have to treat myself to some new trainers come payday!

    Usually comes on from mile 3 onwards!

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    Thanks all for the replies! I’ve kind of just accepted them now! It’s my toes that are bruised and not actually black toenails, but they don’t hurt anymore and aren’t affecting my running so decided to just get on with it. Basically figured I can paint my toenails and then they don’t look so bad 😂

  • Holly started the topic Blisters! in the forum I'v got a question 9 months ago

    Been gradually upping my mileage to 10k (I do most of my runs on the treadmill) and have recently started getting a blister!

    Its on my left foot but on the side of the foot (I.e. between the big toe joint and the floor). Think the side of the shoe is rubbing.

    I haven’t changed anything but wondering if anyone had any tips? Should I stop r…[Read more]

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  • Not sure this technically fits under injuries but I wasn’t sure where else to put it! I seem to have managed to get 2 bruised toes from running (1 on my left foot and one on my right) that are causing me a bit of pain!

    It’s not stopping me running, but one of them looks pretty grim at the moment and seems to hurt when I walk… I’m not running…[Read more]

    • Run date: 13 February, 2019
    • Run time: 33
    • Distance: 3.17 miles
    • Terrain: Other
    • Comments:


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