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  • Ian S commented on the run 8 hours, 23 minutes ago

    That’s what I meant, 10k laps, not my fav.

  • Ian S commented on the run 9 hours, 8 minutes ago

    You may love 10.8 mile laps though. The best lapped mara I did was with the 1k laps. Time just flew by.
    Not a nice thought that the next of mine is 10k laps.

  • I dont bother with this part of running. All is going ok so i just think, run as I run. I feel it’s just another thing I dont need to worry about. Couldn’t even tell you what each colour means.

  • Ian S commented on the run 9 hours, 18 minutes ago

    Nice work here and good no no niggles during the run. Not the best when you have to run past home, especially if you want to stop.

  • Ian S commented on the run 9 hours, 20 minutes ago

    Good tactics, how far is a lap on D2D. 10k laps are killers, 5k are good, less even better.
    This all sounds good, does letting the legs do what they want another way of say you picked the pace up.

  • Good you felt nothing while running and hopefully the foot is ok now. Been a good few days. Rest day tomorrow I presume

  • All sounding good there. Nice miles and feeling good cant be bad. Well done.

  • And why not, better than being stuck on bus.

  • Sounds like a good route for it. Made you work anyway. Well done

  • Everything is tickety boo then. Weird after yesterday how HR can behave so well and great the legs were happy also. But with what’s around the corner, knackered legs wouldn’t be good. Well done Mrs S xx

  • Recs are going well then. The legs will be better for this one. Nice work.
    Why dont you book a few events before just, use them as training

  • Sounds a very nice way to spend a few miles. Well done

  • Gotta love the grumbly leg, be nice if the ankle was happy also. Sounds a bit of a slog but you hot it done. The grumbly legs will thank you for it.

  • A collective well done for all those runs.

  • Would the extra 0.3 of the 8 made a difference to the time.
    Did what you could though and its virtually 8. Well done

  • Certainly have had a rough time. Hopefully that’s all behind you now and you can keep ticking over till GUCR . Well done on all the miles .

  • Ah, one of those hey. Hopefully that’s your weekly rubbish run quota all used up. Got it done though, and yes, they all count.

    • Run date: 20 May, 2019
    • Run time: 1:14:48
    • Distance: 8.01 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      SMP W2/R1 ZONE 2 MILES
      Couldn’t decided where to go today but then chose a different loop to my normal ones. All on peaceful country roads still but probably more undulating than my normal go to route. Last 2 miles are the same though.
      Aim was Z2 and 96% was Z2 so that went well. Pace is…[Read more]

  • Should the place in an event taken up by a guide runner be free.

    I read a post on Facebook where a blind runner was told the guide must pay for their place. Is that right or wrong.

    Should guide runners be free, if so why. Should they pay like everyone else, if so why.

  • Very nice work there, nothing left at the end means you gave it all you had which reflects in the very good results. Great work.

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