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  • Great looking session that, well done

  • Super run that Emma, and looks like you have got it all set up nicely for the next couple of weeks; well done, and good luck with all the events that are on the horizon for you

  • You can really clear your head in a park, lovely just to walk it after being cooped up in the car, but even better to run it. Nice one Dee, another great run

  • Wow Lizzy, glad everything is ok with Nikki. Sounds like you need the outing just to give your head some time. Glad everything is ok now, and a good run also; nice one

  • Hey don’t say that your fed up being a slow runner, there aren’t many people that could spit out a 20 mile run Amanda. To be exercising for nearly 5 hours and not calling it a day takes strength both physical and mental. Another excellent outing, well done; you keep going on what works for you

  • Sounds super that, trail is lovely as you see so much more than you wouldn’t see when road running. I know what you mean about the water and mud, when I ran trail last Thursday my socks were soaked after the first mile. I’d keep trying to put them in your schedule every now and get and keep the variety of terrain going. Just be careful with the…[Read more]

  • Well done on getting out in that Dee, as that weather was absolutely shocking on Friday. A great run, well done. Like the sound of the tapas as well.

  • Great bit of jeffing there Jill, especially as you stayed really disciplined with it. Love the basically being a taxi for 4 hours bit 🙂

  • That’s a lovely way to have Rebecca run with you Dave, nice one; and a super time for you both.

  • Wow super session in the sun Dorothy, well done

  • Great time that Dave, especially if you were racing the night before; well done

  • Arr sorry to read you’ve had to cancel, but you know yourself that that is the right decision, like you said not just for the sake of your foot; but also the stress of the race coming, that you don’t need to put yourself though. With that said, to still put in 9 miles is good going Sharon; well done

  • Different type of running isn’t it, a proper lung buster but that is some going that Lizzy, right on the money with the time you wanted; and more towards the quicker end of that time. Super run, well done

  • Karl B posted a new activity comment 11 hours, 59 minutes ago

    Sack commenting on people’s runs Dave, hopefully they hit something which leads to a diagnosis soon for you all.

  • Karl B commented on the run 12 hours, 1 minute ago

    Wow nice one Richard well done, how did the legs feel after the bike? I’m reading Lousie Minchin’s book at the moment, and she was saying the first time she did it; her legs were like cement and a 5k run was pure hell for her

  • Sat here chuckling thinking of you logging stuff from a tent with a dog 🙂 Wow super sets of 800s that Jill, that sounds a toughie especially to do 6 of them. Well done, fingers crossed you got some shut eye and are now on your LR

    • Run date: 18 August, 2019
    • Run time: 2:05:34
    • Distance: 16.03 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      A bit warmer weather this weekend resulted in a sunglasses and hat run. Just took my socks and can actually see a tan line on my ankles 😮 A bit of mix bag this run, felt fine for the majority of it, a bit of a blip around mile 11 and 12; not much in it in the splits, but just felt a little tougher but then seemed to get a bit of a second wind.…[Read more]

    • Super long run Karl, training going really well, I sometimes run with music but never race – prefer to annoy everyone by chatting away 😁

    • Some good long miles there pal well done

    • lol no billy ocean needs to stay at home 😄 music can give you a boost, has helped me in the past when i runs started to feel hard work.

      Not bothered at races, dont miss it, like Sharon rather chat 😊

      Glad you got a second wind karl and got some very decent miles in today, well done

    • Wish I could do 16 in that time Karl, really strong run even though you had a bit of a blip.
      With you on NOT listening to Billy Ocean! Now I’ve got the darn tune in my head….
      For Reykjavik last year, I listened to music from mile 16. It made it feel like it was a different race, sort of starting afresh halfway through 🙂

    • Run date: 15 August, 2019
    • Run time: 48:00
    • Distance: 5.3 miles
    • Terrain: Off-road
    • Comments:

      Trail n ale, not been able to make one of these for awhile and forgot my bloody watch so borrowed the stats from a friend. Nice lint of Guinness after for strength 👍 home now, pizza in while I have a shower and then a pint of my fav beer erdinger while I watch the saints game as wasn’t prepared to traipse over to Leeds and back on a Thursday night

    • Nice fiver with an added incentive a pint sounds good fella

    • Lizzy replied 3 days ago

      oh i dont blame you karl, feet up pizza and your fav 🥃 after tonights run was deserved. Hope they won for you?

    • Sounds like a perfect day 🙂 Well done!

    • Sounds like a good social outing Karl and like the refuelling strategy 🙂

    • I haven’t had a pizza for ages… now having a craving and that’s not what I’ve got for tea!
      Happy looking run minus the watch Karl. (Don’t you ever think it strange how we used to run without watches? Even all my bike rides I record, it would feel very alien to run and not know what I’ve actually done. I will try it one day!)

    • All sounding good

  • Karl B commented on the run 3 days, 13 hours ago

    Great splits over the 10k Dave well done. Get well soon Rebecca

  • Karl B commented on the run 3 days, 13 hours ago

    Should be happy, that’s a great 10k Amanda, well done

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