• Lizzy replied to the topic Ian's #3 on CW Ultra in the forum ultra 6 hours, 20 minutes ago

    Gosh Ian what a write up, you always do a yet this one i could feel the enjoyment of the race tbroughout it.  The time clocking up at each CP must have been giving you a bit of a boast and did well getting out of them swiftly.  3 hours 21 minutes is a massive time difference Ian.

    Sorry the knee gave you some trouble but im so glad you didn’t g…[Read more]

  • Lizzy commented on the run 8 hours, 50 minutes ago

    Not too far off HB, strange was it having a solo LR?

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 8 hours, 52 minutes ago

    triple session Sharon, bet your stomach was thankful for the omelette 😊you have a good hubby making it for you Sharon 👍 im sure im the only one whos had a wet run today? well done today

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 8 hours, 55 minutes ago

    Nice double session and treating the Mrs to lunch after Dave 😊

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 8 hours, 55 minutes ago

    oh nice fresh prawns Dave, 😊 its hard work this people dodging and very bit your tounge time too 😫 miles in the tank though 😊

    • Run date: 15 September, 2019
    • Run time: 1:46:53
    • Distance: 10.02 miles
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      13 Arches W2 R4. Plan another 10 miler.

      Having got home from Blackpool first thought was to read up on how Ian did? a bit too keen as he had writen it lol..

      Got myself sorted and off i set, HR in the Red from the off 😡🤬 i was walking… usual took it off still the same. Switched to pace. First 3 miles gradually climbing, its a tough hill but…[Read more]

    • Nicely done, Lizzy. You obviously had very different weather to us today – sunny and really very warm over this way. Naughty little monkeys on the golf course 😉 And yes, I think running on tired legs can be a good thing, especially for distance training. Hope you are soon headache-free x

    • Naughty children and naughty watch glad it sorted itself out. Interesting your comment on tired legs Lizzy and Jo’s response, mine feel like lead but I’m told this is how they learn to cope with the miles for long distance so I’m taking it as a plus. Watch those extra miles they soon add up over the weeks, great run here 👍

    • Great tenner there Lizzy-well done! Ahhhhhh, those kids! I think in another life my name must have been Herod!!!!!

    • Good to hear that ploddy legs are a positive sign – lol! Well done on getting through that 10 miler in not the best conditions.

  • Lizzy replied to the topic Ian's #3 on CW Ultra in the forum ultra 13 hours, 8 minutes ago

    missed the write us as you were running Ian, looking back through the post up dates and seeing Sharnie write enjoying himself 😊 made me smile, can’t wait to read how we you got on? weather was kind too you Ian and im hopping the knee support did its job? love the photo of Molly running along side you..

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 13 hours, 24 minutes ago

    Sounds a lovely run Dawn, enjoy the rest of your day in the sun 😊

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 13 hours, 26 minutes ago

    lol kids a lot more open with their parents now, even down to relationships we have, think its good she tells you stuff Dee, i like you wouldn’t say much to my mum.

    I also get that lower back niggle on harder runs the day after. Glad it eased for you, a good outing today. Well dine, thanks for cooments on my friday run re zones 😊

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 13 hours, 31 minutes ago

    lol no the bear grylls style running you plannend then Wozza 😁 great 22 miler, beca bit coolee come race day and water station at hand if you run short. Looking ready to go i think? well done

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 13 hours, 33 minutes ago

    Looking in good nickni would say Richard, knocked that 20 out of the body well. Beautuful sat, 😊

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 13 hours, 34 minutes ago

    Nice sunday run MC, egg on toast for you im guessing? not the woof? 😊

  • Lizzy commented on the run 2 days, 14 hours ago

    Looks good Sharnie, Long distance running has been such a huge focus on your training over the last couple of years. Speed session dont take priority. I know how much you enjoy getting chance to do a speed session and letting the legs go as they dont come up too often on your plans. Running over 100 miles, time on feet way more important.. Your…[Read more]

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 2 days, 14 hours ago

    you were storming on those reps Karl, rocket fuel in them shoes of yours 🚀

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 2 days, 14 hours ago

    Sensible decision Richard, walking has helped aid the recover and not done any more damage to the hip. Fingers crossed the hip loosens off a lot for you? good luck with getting the LR in and then enjoy the tapering 😊

    • Run date: 13 September, 2019
    • Run time: 56:02
    • Distance: 5.53 miles
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      13 Arches W2 R3 plan 5 miles, with 2 miles at race pace???? mmmm wasn’t sure how to do that one?

      Had a stressful shift yesterday. went to the gym to unwind. Bike first, hot and legs feeling the hill work from wed but ok. Moved on to do some free weights, didn’t feel right so called it short. Bath and felt rubbish all night, lighthead and dizzy…[Read more]

    • Firstly, I hope you manage to avoid that cold, get the First defence and a mask out! I would imagine lower zone 3 would be about right for a 13 mile trail event? Zone 2 for me is “easy” pace up to about 120bpm, zone 3 is aerobic 120 to 138 or thereabouts, zone 4 threshold up to about 148 bpm and then zone 5 is where I’m close to death! I would…[Read more]

    • Hope you’ve seen off the cold Lizzy.
      Always. Ice to get some encouragement.
      The Bug One tomorrow?

    • Hope you manage to avoid the cold Lizzy, looks like a good steady session and off road is always going to be more testing for the hr – hope you all have a fab weekend 🙂

    • Think Z3 is sensible for HM – just don’t forget it’s fine to wind up in Z4 for the hills and Z2 for the downs (they’ll cancel each other out). It always makes me smile to get some random in-run support too 😊🤣. Hope you dodge that cold though Lizzy 😣

    • Hope you manage to avoid the cold Lizzy, enjoy your weekend. Looks like you nailed that session 💪💪

    • arr love that comment of Come on Champ 🙂 sounds a good run that to test the zones out on trails, and like you said you’ve got plenty of time to try out different things. Fingers crossed the cold doesn’t progress any further for you

    • Glad to read that you’re feeling a lot better, always nice when someone gives you some nice comments when out on a run. Have a great time in Blackpool.

    • Nicely done Lizzy. Hope you manage to avoid the cold, and that the ongoing birthday celebrations are great fun 🙂

    • Good run Lizzy, really hope you have avoided the germs, but think if I was you, I’d be avoiding the rides in Blackpool. You’re mad! Hope you and the girls are having a lovely time 😊
      Anyway, a good run with the zines on the trails Lizzy. You seem to have it pretty well sussed 😀

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 2 days, 15 hours ago

    @jillymp thanks, 25 is young lol.. Mexican food they way to go up maybe? 😂 no tequila though for me was sober as a judge 😁

  • Lizzy posted a new activity comment 2 days, 15 hours ago

    @richardw i know going daft in my old age lol.. Thanks for Rach wishes, just mad to know i have a 30years old daughter. 1989 a good year for us 😁

    1. Nice write up Richard, you did really well, a big difference in time too. Socks. useful, i go through no end, don’t know about you? Nice keepsake and yessss to finally getting your time and placing 😊

    Having your family for support is always that extra special bonus, 😊

  • Lizzy replied to the topic New Forest Marathon in the forum Medal Monday 3 days, 7 hours ago

    Nice bright bling Amanda, sweet photo of your granddaughter, 😁

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