Martin Penrice


  • Nice one that’s a great pace really impressed

  • These are the best runs nice relaxed outing and good chunk of miles knocked out . Yeah we all appear to be technically addicted haha when I started a timer was hand held like old pocket watch

  • With all that’s going on for you thought it would be zone 10 . A nice looking outing to keep you going

  • Nice steady pace Tara it is getting a bit chilly out there

  • Fantastic running you’ve knock some time off 1 min 25 is unbelievable

  • Nice one Tara new shoes sound good

  • Good going looking good just be careful with back

  • Very eventful park run Richard. Weather been ok up here for a change hope the runner is ok today

  • Awesome stuff Sonia I’d be well pleased with this one

  • I’d be well pleased with this one one on tired legs . Not really sure about heart rate stuff but you still seem to have it nailed.

    • Run date: 2 November, 2019
    • Run time: 1.30
    • Distance: 9.87 miles
    • Terrain: Off-road
    • Comments:

      Was running late this morning had to wait for my lad to pick jock up so took snoopy to
      whinlatter normally do the 10k route then park run done park run first then 10k . Joined the whinlatter parking scheme £45 for 13 month it’s a bargain it costs nearly £4 every time and get parking for two cars

  • At least you got a leg tick over in sharon better than nothing

  • Been ok up here for a change Ruth well done getting out there in them conditions

  • Ditto what Ian said, still a good outing considering how you are

  • Been ok weather up here Dee ideal for running. Nice 4 miles sounds like a lay on was needed

  • I’d say a minute is a massive improvement over 5k awesome running Tara. Was nice up here I done whinlatter park run today

  • Worked hard on this one lizzy its definitely gloves weather

  • Nice one sharon getting out there on tired legs good to see them ease off as you got into it hope weather is good for you

  • These best runs when you feel could do more. You’re really going well

  • Nothing worse than bad ribs I’ve sprung mine in the past really awkward. Hope all goes well tomorrow just take it easy

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