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  • Nice running, shame about the muppetry but these things happen especially if you are about to nip off on your jolly hollys. Enjoy your holiday matey.

  • Cracking pace for a Z2 run, and not exactly not you could call a flat route. Nice running Ian.

  • Miles in the bag MC. we can’t love them all. Put it behind you, the next outing will be great.

  • Nice set of miles Richard. now feet up and a cup-o-tea and let those legs recover.

    • Run date: 2 July, 2019
    • Run time: 56:23
    • Distance: 6 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      Woo Hoo I ran again today. After 3 weeks off due to fears of really scuppering myself I decided to give it a go this morning. No dramas, Achilles was tight but not too bad. Stretch and exercise and I’m sure it will be fine. All I have to say is though I seem to have forgotten how to run. Pace was too fast (legs were a little excited to be…[Read more]

    • Great to see you back shep, dont get carried away with the miles yer know what yer like😆😆

    • Well done getting out there, must be a good sign the legs going quick after 3 weeks off, or your just not disciplined enough. Good miles though and hopefully those stretches work.

    • Ease back in gently Shep – your legs have done the miles so the HM will be fine – just stear clear of the speedy stuff to give those niggles time to finish settling properly – great to have you back though 🙂

    • A good distance after 3 weeks off, good to hear the legs felt good

    • Yikes what have i missed???? Hope youve been ok but a cracking run to come with 🙂

    • That’s a good chunk of miles after a 3 week layoff – no wonder the hr was saying “what’s going on here!” Hope all is ok with the achilles 🙂

    • That’s a good distance after your break Shep. I’m sure that your legs, HR etc will soon adjust. You’re right, it’s amazing how quickly we loose fitness, yet it takes ages to get really fit again!

    • I did wonder wgere you had gone, must have missed a post. Good to see you back and nice 6

    • Yaay. All sounding positive

    • Good luck with the runs before Caterham, hope the achilles behaves itself now. Super speedy six, very easy to get carried away when let out of the box, but don’t go mad. Fab run Shep 🙂

    • Fab 10k after 3 weeks off! But everything sounds positive! 🙂

    • Good stuff Shep, glad you got a run in.

  • The boy Shep posted a new activity comment 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    The warmer weather can really take its toll. but scenery and skylarks can help to counter that. It’s a good 8 miler Dawn. 👍

  • Frolicking wildlife makes a run seem all the more special. Nice 12 miler Fiona.

  • Nice Ian, very nice. I like you discipline on the HR. good job Mrs S brought it back to you. all in all a good weeks sessions logged there.

  • Rob, now as a caveat I am no expert (as most of you know) but, 5 races in two weeks sounds like a heavy work load to me. Well done on getting through them and a sub 2 HM after that work load is excellent work. I hope you treated yourself afterwards, you deserved it.

  • That’s a nice 10k, shame the other runner s ruined it a bit. Still never mind. take from it the excellent 10k bimble.

  • 3 miles in the bag. nice.

  • A great session Jilly. I like your idea with the hill reps. 48k for the week is great stuff. very well done.

  • Excellent session Dorothy. Hill reps and side planks. proper strength training.

  • Nice early morning miles Fiona, and it is warming up this week. Time to dust off the fans. Good 4 miler.

  • Two weeks of Rest and still no light at the end of the tunnel. After my last run my left Achilles flared up and so I decided to rest it for a week, didn’t want to do any real damage. The Achilles is no longer grumbling but I seem to have a mystery injury in my right foot (pain in my toes when I walk i.e. when they bend back as the foot rolls…[Read more]

    • You not been to a physio then, maybe a good thing if you did. Hopefully they could find what’s going on. Hopefully all this rest will do good also. And better now than a few weeks before the event. Fingers crossed

    • Shep this is pants after you have worked so hard, im with Ian on the physio idea. . Achiles are tricky little buggers 😠 Hope its not too long til youre back with your kicks on 👍

    • Feel your frustration but wise to give yourself that little extra rest. 🤞

    • So frustrating for you

    • Oh no. Keeping my fingers also crossed for you Shep. Hope it sorts itself out in time. Well worth considering a visit to the physio if you haven’t already.

    • Sorry I missed this Shep, had spotted you haven’t been out though – that’s rubbish news – I hope everything settles swiftly, but it sounds like you’re doing the right things. Get a plastic bottle full of water in the freezer and roll your arches with it a couple of times a day?? 🙁

  • Nice run and a cracking pace as always mate. As to coffee there is always decaf.

  • Very nice early doors running. lunges and squats gave them the boost needed.

  • Just enough sounds just about whats needed. a nice couple of miles in the bag.

  • I’m guessing the river is shallow. keeps the legs cool though I suppose. Nice running Rob.

  • Very nice run out MC. aren’t Labs just adorable and very excitable. Great stuff.

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