• Fab thank you for your reply. I love the look of the noosa. I know you should pick your runners based on how they look but I just love them lol. Luckily they seem to suit my feet so far x

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    Yes all give now, thank you x

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    Hi admin, getting lost of spam private messages sent to me. The latest wasn’t to deposit $3,000,000 into my account if I give her my bank details. Seems legit, she’s Australian living in Tongo but English doesn’t look like their first language 😂 I’ve also had 3 offers of marriage 🤔 x

  • Hi, yes I have a pair. I’ve worn them a few times and find them very comfy now.  Took a few runs to get used to them.  Just hope the tread lasts as they don’t look that beefy.


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    I’m not sure. I wasn’t feeling it first thing but once I got going I felt great. I have new trainers lol, maybe I’m getting used to them and they gave me some umph ☺️ X

    • Run date: 8 April, 2019
    • Run time: 58
    • Distance: 11.15 km
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      Best run in a while

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    1. Hi, anyone who has these shoes could you tell me how the tread is holding up?
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