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  • Wow! That’s a really exciting and challenging plan, Jilly. I love the wide open spaces of Perthshire. (Climbed the pointy one – Schiehallion – on last year’s hols.) Good luck with the plan.

  • Richard Woodfield posted a new activity comment 4 hours, 46 minutes ago

    Good luck with the plan, Richard. I like a nice home plan keeping it simple

  • Day trip to Glasgow sounds a bit much. So I guess stupid o’clock means the middle of the night! Well run, Jo.

  • Last time I heard word trotty was possibly at school. Wasn’t there a poem starting “Little grotty wagtail”? 😉

  • Richard Woodfield commented on the run 5 hours ago

    Excellent splits – no hanging around with those last two miles!

  • Well done Amanda – great mileage ( – and way more than I’ve ever done in a week.) Hope the back-on-track situation continues.

  • Are you on for a PB as to number of races completed in a calendar month/year? That one certainly sounds challenging.

  • Good run compleme mented by a cracking literary effort Emma. Love the home made names.

  • Great crack of dawn trot, Dave

  • Brilliant photo. Literally.

  • Great early start. Indeed best to take it steady in the heat.

  • Nice yo yo paced run Emma?!

  • Good work Ian. 😉 Do agree there’s no point commenting on a run if you literally haven’t read what’s been written. But it can also sometimes be quite difficult to know what to say – I do tend to read other Bug’s comments on a run before making my own. Which may be a mistake as I don’t want simply to repeat what everyone else has said….

  • Yay, Sharnie! Another stonking challenge. Just had a look on website – fab route with no doubt great scenery most of the way through, and copious hillage! Evidently your recent ultra starting from Haltwhistle has not put you off the Southern Uplands…. Probably a bonus that route goes west to east given prevailing wind direction.

  • Quite sprightly for a rec run, Wozza – especially in this oppressive humidity.

  • Wrexham mara getting called off due to it resembling a duathalon/bog snorkelling event last time out… It seems like you continue to have a good nose for sniffing out challenging races Lizzy, as well as your own training runs! Hope you come up with a good combo for mara/ultra for next year. In the meantime, a relatively uneventful run. Take…[Read more]

  • 7:30 on mile three is good going indeed!

  • Nice running Dave – that speed a good deal closer to hare than tortoise. Good to have a relaxed run how you feel / see how it goes outing for enjoyment.

    • Run date: 24 June, 2019
    • Run time: 0:47:00
    • Distance: 5 miles
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      Running group: jog to and from; warm up and warm down laps. Main session was continuous relay with a partner. Also various mini obstacles/shapes laid out on the grass intended to get you to use different length strides. Very steamy weather this evening, plus somewhat feeling weary – no doubt due to lots of driving back from N Scotland.…[Read more]

    • That’s good miles and a varied session. Not surprisingly you felt tired though. As for the obstacles, did they work, do you feel like your using other muscles

    • Glad you managed not to come a cropper on the obstacles – sounds like a good agility session and good fun too, sure that drive back will take a couple of days to shake out of both legs and brain – well worth it for what sounded a great time though – nice reintroduction to the group sessions 🙂

    • First one back after the holiday, you did well going Richard.i did think you were having some sort of circuit session thrown into relay laps? works well for these footballers that type of training.

      A session that kept you on your toes 😁 and on muggy evening, back to normality now, hate the first few days after hols.

    • Not surprised your legs felt a bit tired after that journey but made a good sesh despite all that Richard

    • An interesting session, Richard. Definitely one to make you work AND test your concentration. No surprised you are a bit tired after all that driving. It’s a long-old way

    • Not sure I fancy obstacles Richard I tend to trip over my own feet enough lol. Just catching up, glad to hear all is okay and you enjoyed your holiday 👍

    • Nice 5

    • good session. How long did that drive take?

    • Sounds great fun, well done Richard

  • Thanks Bugs!  It was a bit more showery in the final week, but overall I would award the weather a solid 7 or 8 out of 10!  Really is fabulous scenery….

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