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  • Looking very strong in those reps, Jilly!

  • Good luck with the race tomorrow, Dave.

  • Good double so soon after the Ultra. I’m very suspicious of a fell race called Undulator 8 – sounds like it’s mountainous! Hope it goes well tho.

  • Bugs seem to be agreed – no need to push yourself too hard Vangelis just at the moment!

  • Good trotting, Lizzy. Probably a bit of a relief to have rain after all that heat.

    I definitely can’t help with swimming technique. Still haven’t got over my school teacher saying my swimming looked like Charlie Chaplin!

  • Richard Woodfield commented on the run 2 days ago

    Excellent 5k, Sonia. Great feeling when you know you can manage to run the full 5k.

  • Richard Woodfield commented on the run 2 days ago

    That sounds well planned and systematic, Ruth. Hope the gradual build up works well.

  • Richard Woodfield commented on the run 2 days ago

    Very nippy parkrun, GG. Lot to be said for a parkrun on the prom when some other “grassy” parkrun courses are turning into mudbath.

  • Richard Woodfield commented on the run 2 days ago

    Presumably the pantomime cow had two barcodes? 😉 Hope your back improves quickly Dee.

  • Richard Woodfield commented on the run 2 days ago

    Excellent run Jo – felt tough because it was tough, I should imagine! 😉

  • Great outing for the new shoes, Sharnie. If they can cope with that they are probably good for most off road conditions.

  • Thanks, @lizzy – there certainly is stunning scenery in those parts.

    • Run date: 19 October, 2019
    • Run time: 27:38
    • Distance: 5 km
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      RTW parkrun. Muddy – and good old Quagmire Corner put in an appearance. Trail shoes had first outing of the autumn. Progression run, starting from well back in the field, with mile 3 at 8:37. I was mildly interested to find out that my average cadence was fair bit higher than usual, with quite a few purples dotted around. Must have resorted…[Read more]

  • Recovery run doing its job. Not surprising you were a little bit creaky after that ultra, Chris!

  • Good to have fitted in a short running excursion, Rachel.

  • Breakfast – often the best meal of the day, Dorothy. Feeling a bit peckish reading that. Very nice steady run, gradually upping the pace. A strong run, especially so soon after a tough HM in challenging conditions.

  • More good progress, Sharon.

  • Yay to sparrows having their own communal lido session!

  • Hi Belinda – welcome to the Bug – that session sounds very systematic!

  • Always nice to have a bit of a surprise when session turns out better than hoped/expected.

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