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  • More relaxing miles – and why not.

  • Sounds like the lurgy is at last on the retreat – which would be a considerable relief, Lizzy.

  • I’m not sure that there is a clear cut right answer Michelle.  I have varied between going up a half and a full size.  At the moment I’m on a full size up.  I buy my shoes in a running shop, so it’s easy to compare sizes.  Assuming I liked the shoes in the first place probably what I would do now is buy the full size larger unless it simply felt too big.

  • Horizontal hail – wearing goggles probably the right kit to protect the eyelids?

  • Good rec run after putting up decorations! 😉

  • You’ve certainly earned the right to some relaxing runs, Chris. Enjoy!

  • No holding you back – out the door just as soon as there was enough light to tell that it was soggy weather!

  • Therapeutic 10k – much needed by the sound of it.

  • Richard Woodfield posted a new activity comment 6 hours, 58 minutes ago

    Is that building Santander HQ?

  • Should think benevolent feelings resulting from mulled wine quite helpful in getting through monsoon conditions near the end!

  • Getting into your stride very nicely by mile 3, Dee.

  • Big miles done, and at a very respectable pace. So not too much wrong with the outcome despite the lack of enthusiasm.

  • Solid mileage to get mara training off to good start.

    • Run date: 7 December, 2019
    • Run time: 26:42
    • Distance: 5 km
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      RTW parkrun. Very muddy again – as it will be for several months to come. Was good to see the runner who was taken seriously ill out on the course some weeks back. He came along to thank those who helped him – and brought four large tubs of chocolates.

    • A good result in the conditions Richard and must have been so nice to see the person who was taken ill back out there today 🙂

    • Oh Richard that must have been a huge relief to see him.

      That mud not slowing you down, same this way a few weeks to dry out but by then rain or even snow? to top it off 😯

    • Should think it was lovely to see him up and about – a scary experience for everyone for sure and great to hear he appreciated the help. That’s a great pace for the conditions from you today – well done 👏👍

    • Oh, I remember you telling us about that incident … It sounded so concerning, so delighted to hear that the gentleman has recovered. It must have been such a relief for everyone to see him well again. You did well in all that mud today, Richard 🙂

    • Glad to hear the gentleman has recovered

    • good result with muddy conditions. nice that the guy turned up and showed his appreciation for all that helped him, will he able to run again?

    • Great news Richard, hope he continues to recover. I think the psychological recovery after something like that would be worse than the physical.
      That’s a good park run result in the mud!

    • That’s great news Richard, bet the chocs went down well.
      Wet like you say could be that way for the next few months

  • @Lizzy – thanks for asking. Yes I’m feeling substantially better now, Just residual effects of the cold.

  • Seems like only a minority of Bugs haven’t got difficulties with lurgy and/or breathing at the moment. Hope review identifies what adjustment to the asthma regime might be needed.

  • Breathing feeling laboured – could well be lurgy lurking in background, Gael. But still good to get out when you can for some steady miles.

  • Lol – “Do not comment”! Somewhat akin to those road signs that everyone notices and remembers: “This sign is not in use”!

  • Richard Woodfield posted a new activity comment 4 days, 6 hours ago

    Well done Ruth. That’s a great challenge to set yourself. Hope the plans and training go well through these winter months!

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