• Run date: 21 November, 2019
    • Run time: 54.42
    • Distance: 6.02 miles
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Comments:

      T24 W10-R3 – 1½m in Z2, 3½m bottom half Z3, 1 in Z2 – giving legs and lungs a bit of a stretch out – legs good and lungs not too bad either, strayed to top of Z3 on the motorway bridge but reigned it back in 🙄

  • Everything crossed – sensible I think to try and rest it until it feels better.

  • looks a cracking outing and upping the reps again on the inters – looking strong and like you’re loving it 🙂

  • haha – good work out for jaws and legs – nice to have the company and great to throw in a hill too 🙂

  • Good recovery session from yesterday and getting a progression going too – nice work 🙂

  • Sounds a very constructive run – got you good paced bunch of miles and bringing on the noobs might be just what you need to rekindle the run love 🙂 – good session and good luck with the groups, think the interest always wanes when the dark nights and rubbish weather arrive?

  • Makes sense to try and follow something a bit more structured in the run up to this one – everything crossed all goes smoothly – hectic and stressful seems to be contagious at the moment 😮 – good outing for an evening one – not really my fave time to go out either 🙂

  • Yeah I got the impression Keith’s priority was the streak rather than the running itself – and that’s fine for him, we’re all different and have different goals – it’d be a dull world if we all wanted to do the same things :). I would struggle to see a sensible way to train for your first marathon and keep RED going though, I think when you do…[Read more]

  • Ah – bugger – that’s not good Richard – hope the stretching and strength stuff sorts that out for you – hope it’s not too uncomfortable on the bike?

  • Feel for you – why do ribs take so long to settle down?? Glad to hear you’re seeing some improvements though and good to see you out there!!

  • Don’t think youre the only one struggling with the cold and breathing – well done being sensible 🙂

  • Sounds the perfect set up – I bet you get more done at home as well (work as well as training) – busy day and looking well rounded sessions 🙂

  • Hate when things are so busy you can’t even switch your brain off for your runs – take care of yourself and just tickover through the busy – your body will appreciate the recovery? and hopefully it does help destress in some way 🙂

  • Looks a cracking session Jilly – well done 🙂

  • Blimey – the family haven’t been very lucky in cars this year 😮 hope your son recovers swiftly – well done getting out there and nice miles in the bank 🙂

  • Think having some goals lined up will work wonders for the mojo – though I always find rebuilding after an enforced break or easy spell is demoralising and it’s hard to push yourself out the door. Well done getting out there and looking forward to seeing what you line up 🙂

  • Take it easy and get back slowly Gael – but fab to see you feeling well enough to get back out there – well done 🙂

  • Surprising how much cold and wind get to the breathing – sounds a fab outing and loving that avge pace Ruth 🙂

  • Well done backing off to a streak saver Jackie – I’m going to play devils advocate here and say that Keith’s running doesn’t look to have progressed or improved for doing RED? -a superficial look at his stats show he’s doing considerably less mileage than he was a couple of years ago and running a lot slower – obviously those are no longer his…[Read more]

  • sharnie1 commented on the run 1 day, 16 hours ago

    Lol @jillymp – it’s in the ultra forum 🙂

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