• Nice to see you out and about Emma! Hope the arthritis isn’t very painful… Great aggregate weekly mileage there!

  • Nice easy going and very vivid place naming there, Emma!

  • Nice to be out, even when it’s so hot. Good miles there…

  • Nice steady four-miler there! Did you run ON the railway line or next to it (somehow the prospect of running on the rail always freaks me out… -paaaah, we all have our own little demons)?

  • Nice running in the heat-heat-heat! Happy birthday for tomorrow-hope you enjoy a cool pint of beer (or two)…

  • Nice couple of recovery miles and great half maras scheduled!

  • Oh darn, can fully understand the disappointment and exhaustion feeling of having gone from one injury to the next for some time. As you say, fingers crossed! But good miles and pace there (and with this level of humidity that’s amazing)!

  • Great tenner and despite the slapping you still managed to keep the z3 rather calm and not too much complaining! Not so easy in this weather and no doubt the river must have looked appealing…

    • Run date: 23 July, 2019
    • Run time: 30:02
    • Distance: 3.25 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      Back home and into the heat (32o C) with a 30′ recovery run to kick the pain out of the legs and feet. Even some faster strides -just to test how I was feeling. All OK (naturally paining everywhere though) and feeling better with every step, so thumbs up on this one…

    • Don’t think I’d of been brave enough to add strides but great all feels relatively good after the HM. Must mean your in fine shape. Well done

    • Lovely stuff Vangelis

    • Nice recovery almost as hot as it is here in the UK 🙂

    • Good to hear that the legs were responding as you might hope to a recovery run, despite the heat … as Handbrake says, the heat is building here at the moment. Predicting 37 degrees in London on Thursday – I’m not looking forward to that!

  • Thanks everyone! FYI, the write-up is on the forums (Forums->Trail->Zagori Mountain Running half mara) since last night…

  • @ian_spriggs We’re not?… BAAAAAAAAA! (joking! of course we’re not…. 😉 ). Thanks for the advice. 🙂

  • Thank you both for the comments! @ian_spriggs No it isn’t. It is an entirely different route that has some parts in common with the 80k. You can check the mara-route here:

  • Nice four k there! Well done Helen…

  • Wow, Ian! This was a fantastic effort my friend! 🙂 Even if it didn’t lead to the so desired PB it was both well-planned and well-executed. Still, as we all know (and you and Mrs S. know much better than most and oh so well and to the bitter end of it too…) the weather can be so much a part of the game sometimes and no wonder how well you both…[Read more]

  • Yeeeeeessss! Fantastic news Vicky! Wow! You must be chuffed! So glad to read this!… 🙂

  • Nice ten k to finish the weekly miles Sharnie! Fab support too (but I’m going to read about Ian & Pukie only now…)…

  • Nice miles there-well done!

  • Fantastic ten miles and what a great support (especially with this heat you’ve got over there -I am not commenting about the heat here in Greece… 😉 ) to your friend! Well done Trudy! And happy birthday to the spectator!

  • Nicely done! Good work and all set to finish the C25K!

  • Fantastic half there, Mark! Even if it was planned much more modestly…

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