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  • Love the pic 🙂 awww happy wedding anniversary Dawn and mr Dawn xx

    • Run date: 12 June, 2019
    • Run time: 23min 22zec
    • Distance: 2.02 miles
    • Terrain: Road
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      Hello from the USA…having a great time and have seen some wonderful things and visited some fab places and still 2 more weeks on the road to go.. currently in Sedona and this is my 1st run (eeekkkk I know, should have done at least 5) but way to hot in the desert.. hit 43degrees the other day! Anyway, a baby leg stretch that felt good 1 mile…[Read more]

    • Tad warm then. Fruit juice, heat and running do not go well together. Though I’d fully blame the heat only. Well done getting something done.

    • Nice baby leg stretch. Enjoy the rest of your time. Sounds fab

    • Helooo to you all over in the USA 😎 it looks like your having an amazing time Vicky, loving the pics. Well done getting out to run in that heat, 😎 keep having fun in the sun

    • Hello you 🙂 looks like you’re having a fab time – and getting in plenty of walking if not running so hopefully the butt issue will be healing while you’re enjoying your hols – great to get a trot in but sounds super hot!! Enjoy the rest of it 🙂

    • Glad you’re having fun and taking advantage of 1 of the 5 a day at least. Nice little trot out, I wouldn’t even contemplate in 43 degree heat. Bit warmer and drier than here too.

    • 43 is scorchio vicky you did well to get that in 👍👍

    • Wow that is a tad warm Vicky – hope you’re all having a fab time and has it been 2 weeks away already????

    • What wet weather? glorious here ;-p well done on getting any miles in with those kind of temperatures Vicky, nice one

    • glad you are enjoying the trip Vicky. As Sharnie says, the walking should help calm the ‘butt’ down a bit! A good 2 in those conditions – nice one

    • Glad you’re having a great time . Sounds like you have your holidays packed with things to do . Running will have to wait. Well done on squeezing this on in. 😀😎👍👍

    • Great to ‘see’ you Vicky. Really glad to hear that you are having a wonderful time. Hope the break from running is helping the butt-issues to settle down. Nice work in all that head and with such a hill – didn’t make it easy for yourself, did you? 😉

    • great to hear from you sounds like you are having a great time 🙂

    • A great leg stretch….at least you won’t go hungry in the desert….because of all the Sand Wiches there🤣🤣. Enjoy USA

    • Good to see you posting an update on your adventures, sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Wow 43° that’s hot .😎☀️

    • Well done Vicky … although it sounds torture with all that heat and wine.

    • Enjoy the holidays Vicky!

    • Good on you running at all in those temperatures!
      Sounds great, enjoy the rest of your hol ☀️

    • Hope you’re having a fab time lovely, it sounds amazing – lucky you!
      Nice little leg stretch, and really don’t worry about Running Bug, you and your familam enjoy yourhils xx

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  • Vicky Pixi posted a new activity comment 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Hi and welcome to running bug 🙂

  • Vicky Pixi posted a new activity comment 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Welcome to running bug 🙂

  • Well that’s a fab time with naughty feet!!.. well done and welcome to runningbug 🙂

  • Vicky Pixi posted a new activity comment 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Welcome to running bug Fiona 🙂

    • Thanks Vicki, I’ve been off running sulking about an injury that took me out of the London Marathon. Was gutted to see The Running Bug closed when I started up again. Thank you so much for setting up this new site – phew!

  • Woop woop – the decision was an easy one this month Lizzy 🙂 Your running over the last year esp the last 6 months has been disciplined and dedicated and it goes to show that anything is possible when you put your mind to something..  I remember you once saying that you would never run a marathon and here you are not only a marathon runner but an…[Read more]

  • Getting a nice collection form the series barry – did you not get a bottle for the 2nd round tho? Thats a bit tight lol 🙂

  • WOOHOOOOOOOO – HUGE ((((HUGS)))) Superb performance and result!! Super super proud of you – will have a good o;d read of your write up later but count ignore this 🙂 🙂 WELL DONE XXX

  • Vicky Pixi replied to the topic gemellus strain in the forum Injuries 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    @robk me neither – its deep in the butt at the base where the hamstring joins – not a big muscle, in-fact there a group of 3 little ones which make up 1.

  • WOOHOO – Sharnie you rock – HUGE well done!!!! What a superb performance – I can’t wait to read all about it, obv once you’ve recovered and slept some more lol – dont worry i can wait😵 x

    • Run date: 2 June, 2019
    • Run time: 23min 38sec
    • Distance: 2.20 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:
      Been a pants week for my running and totally off plan..ggrrrr… but not a lot i can do about it so not going to complain!!
      I have another butt strain😤 but am allowed to run if sensible and if no pain, so gonna plod while im away and hopefully all will good in a few weeks 🙂
      So a little leg…[Read more]

    • Well done Vicky.
      Enjoy your sabbatical, hope you get a few decent USA runs in.

    • Cant believe how much of a tough time your butt is giving you 😕 at least you only have one cheek on the bench tho 😆 have a brilliant time on your hols 👍👍

    • Really hope the time away helps ease the butt pain off Vicky you really have been through the wringer with it. Hope you all have a fabulous time away 😊😊

    • Byeee Vicky, enjoy your 4 weeks in the USA. Hope the butt behaves!

    • Your having a hard time with butt niggles main thing is you are keeping it sensible

    • Sounds like the butt is forcing you to keep things steady. Safe travels

    • certainly having a tough time, go easy and hope you get sorted soon

    • Hopefully the time away will help the butt issue, have a blast

    • So sorry to hear about the butt strain, Vicky. You’ve certainly had more than your fair share of issues over the past year or so … Take it nice and gently, and make sure you keep your sensible head on … Have a wonderful time in the USA 🙂

    • Vicky hope the pain in the A soon improves. Have a good trip & listen to your body & more particularly your butt.
      Good to see you get some miles in & I hope pain free!

    • oh not again Vicky, you deserve to have a injury free running year or few. Take care and wow 4 weeks off in the USA? have a wonderful time x

    • Nice couple of miles there Vicky… Hoping the various issues ease off sometime pretty soon! Please take it easy and as Ian says listen to your body… Best wishes for a fantastic trip to the USA!

    • Can’t get my comment to post… iffy Wi-Fi up here lol.
      Third time lucky.
      Have a super duper holiday Vicky and hopefully the US will sort out your butt and you’ll return 100% fit 😘
      I’ll hold the fort here, so enjoy the break.
      And a fab little run too xx

    • A nice couple of miles Vicky. Sorry to hear about the butt strain. Have you tried those Piriformis Syndrome exercises I posted? Enjoy the USA

    • Pants about the bum 😣😣😣 but go enjoy your break and let it recover, keep any runs short and gentle and take care of it – oh and have a fab time – we’ll miss you !!! Xxx

    • Boo to the strain, enjoy the trip to the USA

    • Well I hope you take it easy while your away, and the strain has done one for good when you come back

    • Forget the 10 miler Vicky and give that ‘butt’ a chance! We will miss you, but have a great very well earned rest in the USA, you lucky thing. Look forward to hearing all about it on your return x

    • Can’t believe butt strain once again, things for you have certainly not being easy for you. I hope that with you just plodding along, everything will come good for you. The 10 miler doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. What’s important is you get back to full fitness. Enjoy your time in America you deserve to.

    • Have a great time Vicky, and try and let that butt recover. We’ll keep your place for when you get back 😉🤣

    • Have a lovely time Vicky hopefully your butt cheek will behave itself 🙊

    • Enjoy your sabbatical! Hope the butt cheek sprain disappears soon!

  • Nice leg stretch Dave – hope the race goes well today 🙂

  • Like mother like daughter 🙂 well done both 🙂

  • Make sure then you get a massage if you can after the 1st day and have some hot water to soak the legs in – you don’t want to seize up!! Its been hot and humid out there which is making an distance or pace of running hard work 🙂 great miles bagged well done 🙂

  • HAHA but youve never ran a 10k like this before 🙂 cracking result and sounds like a proper good leg stretch 🙂

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