Ian Warrell


  • Nice steady three miler even if you were a tad warm. Maybe the pool will be a bit cool to even out the temperature

    • Run date: 13 November, 2019
    • Run time: 48.17
    • Distance: 5.76 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      Been a busy couple of days so time to get out.
      Pretty content with outing
      Splits 8.43,8.29,8.28, 8.11 & 8.05 for miles.

  • That’s a great run and PB Ian.
    Love the write up. Think the burgers and cheesecake were very well deserved. Well done fella

  • Love the sub 4 Mara fella that’s great. Sounds sensible to cut short your original plan good work

  • Sharnie that’s an impressive outing with your recent rib and chest issues.
    Must of been a chilly one with gloves on for the first 10 well done

  • That’s a massive Pb Tara you should be really happy with that.
    It was a tad chilly

  • Good to hear the run helped after your day Friday. It was certainly a bit chilly yesterday morning. Hope the Mara goes well

  • Sounds like the pacing went well and at a good even pace Richard. Squelchy mud think there would of been a fair amount of that yesterday.

  • Taxi Driver Sharon, their sure to really appreciate you.
    Good 10 km definitely a cool one today

  • I found emailing it to myself seemed to reduce it sufficiently to then post if that makes sense!
    RED lady continues I

  • Sensible and marathon runner is an interesting idea!
    Hope all the meds help Sharnie.
    Good luck with your sensible marathon!

    • Run date: 9 November, 2019
    • Run time: 20.16
    • Distance: 2.33 miles
    • Terrain: Road
    • Comments:

      Pre parkrun course check. After recent rain bit of a frosty morning. Course partially flooded so alternative for runners today. Guess the frost helped with cross country section although think with all foot fall it did soften up somewhat!

    • There was a proper frost this morning after all the rain yesterday, nice steady recce and good to hear you were still able to go ahead with it as I’m sure quite a few would have been cancelled with the conditions as they are.

    • frost on the cross country nice crunchy steps. lucky to have the choice to switch Wozza.. A good run to test out the route 😁

    • Great services to park run Ian and I’m sure it was appreciated 👍👍

    • It was a hard frost this morning Ian. It’s good you have an alternative route for the runners. A good bit of plodding though 😊

    • Very soggy underfoot after all of the recent rain, isn’t it? The frost over the past could of days helps a little, but as you say, many feet will soon churn up the ground.

    • Well done, Wozza! Seems that your first choice parkrun route is flooded rather frequently!

    • Well done Ian. We had to improvise with our finish … a lot of ice around.

    • Nice checking Ian, good to see how hard the volunteers work to keep Parkrun going for the zillions who do it 🙂
      Very frosty AND cold on Saturday. Def better for x-country 🙂

    • Nice run check Ian, well done!

  • It was chilly this morning Lizzy so not surprised it was sleeved and gloves. That’s better than piddling rain I think

  • It’s a hill with a TV mast on the top. Can apparently see seven counties on a clear day & it was today

  • As ticking over with dodgy ribs goes that looks pretty good Sharnie

  • All boxes ticked Jo.
    Love the individual wind

  • Good employer sending you all.
    Good miles in the floodlights

  • Now that sounds like hard work Karl. You must of been shifting and at that time impressive

  • Reckon that’s a good idea ahead of what sounds like a busy weekend. Have fun

  • Nothing wrong with doing your own thing . Good looking four miler with added puppy bonus

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